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Welcome to Special Needs Family Activities

Special Needs Family Activities is a North Central Iowa network of families who have children with special needs. We are also a resource for families to gain more information about medical disorders, child care, education, specialists, resource services, respite, and other programs. We do this by sharing information with other families and adding links to these resources on our website. 

We have updated our local resource information and you will see many new additions...

These are great programs to go to and some are free or offer scholarships... Parks & Rec offers 50% off some of their program costs if you have medicaid. YMCA also has scholarships... There are also free movies to watch at the East Park band stand every Saturday night.

YMCA Summer Camp
Parks & Recreation
Public Library Programs
Bowling Specials
Rollerskating programs
Park & Rec Programs
Library Programs

For more information contact Diana at

Summer Programs


Roller City
Mason City IA

Weekly Skate Times

We offer a variety of activities throughout the week. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for the latest updates. The following schedule is valid from May - August 2013. 

Laser Tag Tuesdays: 6-9pm   $8 Per Person

Play unlimited games of laser tag for only $8. A normal game of laser tag is $3 each. Bring your friends and compete against each other!

Saturday Afternoon - Open Skate: 1-4pm   $6 Per Skater

Share some family time on Saturday afternoon during our Family Skate. Admission is $6 per person. SUMMER SKATING SPECIAL: Skate both the Saturday afternoon and evening session for only $10!

Saturday Evening - Open Skate: 7-10pm   $7 Per Skater

Our most popular skating session.  Exciting atmosphere, Jackpot Dice Game and much more!

Grab your friends and family and make your way to our open skate session on Saturday evenings! Admission is $7 per person. SUMMER SKATING SPECIAL: Skate both the Saturday afternoon and evening session for only $10! 

Check with them for other programs or coming events... 

Mason City Public Library 
225 2nd St SE
Mason City IA

They have some great programs for kids and teens.. To find out more go to the website found above.

Dig Into Reading

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Dig Into Reading

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We often take for granted what's right beneath our feet - our vast natural resources, the archaeological clues to our past, the fossil record, the animals that live there, the natural wonders of caves and the human-made tunnels, sewers and such that we depend on.  Even the world of myth and fantasy have a whole underground such as fairies, elves, trolls, and other underground worlds.  So dig in and uncover great books and fun programs this summer!

-Dig Into Reading


Beneath the Surface

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Beneath the Surface 2013

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From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders.  He is bolted to earth.  
But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.

-Jacques Yves Cousteau

Under the crust of the earth lies many treasures from wildlife to gems to hobbit homes.  Come to the library this summer and discover all the places you can go just by reading a book.



 Online registration will begin June 3rd at 9:00 AM.

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Participants please click here to take our online survey.

Groundbreaking Reads

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Groundbreaking Reads 2013

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You can cover a lot of ground with Groundbreaking Reads.  Books that have made an impact, whether literary, scientific, personal, or otherwise are a great start.  But don't stop there!  You can dig into past decades, geology, caving, archaeology, gardening, architecture, and much much more!


 Register in person at the Main Desk beginning June 10th.  The first 150 registrants will receive a Groundbreaking Reads book bag.  There will be many special performers and workshops this summer!

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